2018-05-07 11.14.09Designer and seamstress Maggie Smith founded flax & sage in Salem MA in 2017, out of a desire to create high-quality handmade garments that are practical, comfortable, and versatile. Every flax & sage garment is fully designed and hand-crafted by Maggie herself, inspired by timeless styles and classic shapes. Each garment (apart from those intended for wholesale or consignment orders) are custom-made to the intended wearer’s own measurements, ensuring a perfect, flattering fit. Deep pockets lend great functionality to every design, and manufacturing details such as French seams guarantee the longevity of the garment. In addition to sewing, Maggie enjoys knitting, baking bread, hiking, and spending quality time with Arlo, a grey tabby of advanced age. She is also a birth doula and a teacher at a forest school in Maine.

Environmental and social sustainability is essential to the core of flax & sage’s mission. Maggie seeks to be as waste-free as possible, using the fabric scraps for smaller projects and recycling the rest through Black Earth Compost. The linen from which all Flax & Sage garments are made is grown and processed in Russia. The fabric is Oeko-Tex certified and is manufactured in a way that produces no air, water, or noise pollution. The certification ensures that no harmful chemicals are used to treat or soften the fabrics at any point in the manufacturing process.

Linen is one of the strongest natural fibers used for textiles and has been cultivated by humanity for at least 36,000 years. It is biodegradable, recyclable, and uses exponentially less water, pesticides, and fertilizer to grow than cotton. Due to the nature of the fibers, some garments may have a few irregularities in texture or color. These minor imperfections are not defects, but a natural consequence of the process of turning flax into linen.

For inquiries about consignment, wholesale, or trunk shows, please email flaxandsage@gmail.com!